Thursday, 1 August 2013

Cara Mengatasi BlackBerry Tidak Mau Hidup / Booting

Cara Mengatasi BlackBerry Tidak Mau Hidup / Booting - CARA Memperbaiki BB nuked / gagal BOOTing. Nuked atau mati suri pada sebuah BlackBerry adalah keadaan di mana perangkat booting, mati lagi, LED menyala, booting lagi dan terus berulang, dan tidak berhasil menjalankan OS.

Penyebabnya adalah saya tidak tahu . ahaha
Saya coba copot baterai, diamkan sejenak lalu pasang lagi ternyata hasilnya sama saja. Saya ulangi kembali sambil juga mencopot memory dan SIM card namun tetap tidak berhasil.

Cara untuk mengatasinya sebagai berikut:
Software yang diperlukan:
- Waktu sekitar 30 Menit
- BlackBerry Desktop Manager (saya menggunakan DM versi 5.0.1)
- OS yang ingin diinstal di BlackBerry

Bisa di download disini (pilih sesuai Provider biar aman)

- Jangan panik, sambil tak lupa berdoa
- Instal OS di komputer kemudian restart komputer
- setelah restart, hapus file vendor.xml di folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
- Lepas Baterai
- Sambungkan kabel USB ke komputer dan belum terhubung ke BlackBerry (kondisi tetap tanpa Baterai)
- Jalankan Loader.exe yang ada di dalam folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader.

- Colokkan kabel USB ke BlackBerry, saat sudah terdeteksi dan muncul tulisan USB-PIN: UNKNOWN segera klik tombol Next dan pasang baterai kembali. Bila gagal artinya handheld sudah terdeteksi dan tidak bisa melanjutkan instalasi OS. Ulangi langkah ini

- Kemudian akan muncul menu berikutnya, gunakan pilihan yang bawah (Replace the device’s applications with the older version provided by the BlackBerry Desktop Software), klik Next

- Jalani proses instalasi OS seperti biasa (ikutin alur aja)
- Mestinya BlackBerry sudah bisa booting dan normal kembali
Secara umum mestinya solusi di atas sama saja bila menggunakan DM versi berapapun atau handheld BlackBerry jenis apapun.
Hint: jika ketika di nyalakan network SOS biasanya kejadian ini karena anda lupa hapus file vendor.xml

SEMOGA MEMBANTU jika kalian mengalami hal yg sama.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Your cars Auto Warranty is a grade of insurance policy against any troubles

Your cars Auto Warranty is a grade of insurance policy against any troubles that could come up. Merely how do you tell the conflict between what is compensated along your guarantee, and what is covered along your automobile insurance? Take these examples, and ascertain whenever you are able to figure out which ones are warrant situations, and which ones would be something for the insurance fellowship to deal with.

You are driving your freshly car home from the dealership while you hear a loud attrition noise. You accept it back to be arrested, and the mechanic on duty orders you it is probably a trouble with the infection. You are drive on the highway, while different vehicle arrests abruptly in front of you. You press down on your brakes, but nothing chances, and you hit the other car. Thankfully, there are entirely minor terms to your vehicle. While they check your car, it becomes out that the brakes had betrayed. You penury to have the brakes put back, as advantageously as the breast bumper. You are driving on a rocky moving, and you bottom out the car on an especially big rock. The rock affects your transmission pan, getting damage to the transmission that takes an accomplished alternate.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Recognized as Access common auto insurance

You always run into the failure of adjoining with an accident. Thus like every owner of some auto, you also require the protection cover up of general auto insurance quote. As far as useable info is bore on, Access America is the most recognized company that supplies quite effective policy plans for entirely types of vehicles. Recognized as Access common auto insurance, these policy programs are quite much competent of allowing complete cover to your vehicles. These policy plans cover up maximum failure and make you feel certainly relaxed as far as your automotive vehicle is bore on. As a matter of reality, these policy plans are very much needed for quite vehicle these days.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Manage Your Blog

I'm backkkkkkk......, setelah sekian lama tidak update blog ini dengan tulisan yang bermanfaat he2....(akhirnya ada iklannya juga kepasang disini), padahal dulu janji dalam hati blog ini ada blog corat-coret tanpa iklan, tapi karna ada kebutuhan yah terpaksa buat cari makan.

Sekarang gw punya 30 blog yang aktif, mulai dari Page Rank 0-4 (klo ada yang lupa Pagerank apaan bisa disini). Mengelola blog gampang-gampang susah, kaya lo beternak ayam aja, repot di awalnya karena masih kecil-rentan penyakit dan gampang mati, tapi klo udah besar lo tinggal ngejaga ngasih makan aja nanti klo ada yang mau beli tinggal jual he2.

Gw mau ngasih tips buat ngelola blog :
1. Belajar ngelola 1 buah blog dulu dengan disiplin, lo posting minimal 7 article minimal 200 words per bulan
2. Blog walking dengan rajin mengunjungi blog teman-teman dan memberi komen tentang content or design blog temanmu setiap hari minimal 15 -20 blog.
3. Membersihkan spam di comment blog mu setiap seminggu sekali (klo lo pake wordpress pastiin install plugin AKISMET, fungsinya buat ngeblok spam comment)

Selamat ngeblogggg

Sunday, 20 February 2011

How to Promote Your Business For Free

free classifieds online is big technique from booming or upgrading your business or production. The easily and firm approach to the online and it is acquiring apply has arrived the most encouraging locate to post advertisements. Presently there is a lot of websites which is entailed specifically as classifieds. On the advance from time internet advertising has acquired huge attending for its amount from advantages as equated to the classifieds in publish media. Online classifieds sites admit you to post ads for free which implies they're more efficient and cost effective technique from ad your products and help to acquire a free classifieds in USA.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Key Success of Breguet Watches

The success story of a watch brand is not made by short effort. Breguet Watches have shown us that for decades their reputation has never been faded. The watch brand of French has gained its first success long time ago when Kings and Queen ruled. The key success of the manufacturer lies on originals style, technology innovation, fine design and time accuracy.

The Authentic Breguet Watches are always mixed well with fashion trends. Furthermore, they always demonstrate cultural heritage of European traditions’ history and maintenance. No wonder that many people demand these luxury watches so much despite many new luxury brands.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Guarantee on Branded Watch

Not only branded stuff is serving us quality, but also prestige. Carrying LV bag or Manolo shoes are able to enhance our confidence as well. The same thing goes to watch. If we are wearing branded watch, then we will not only make an investment, but also pumping the pride.

If we are buying branded watch, we will get a total guarantee. Usually the store and the manufacture is giving a lifetime guarantee, so if we find some minor damage, they will help us to repair it.

High end brands like Rolex, BLVGARI, Blancpain, Cartier can be our best choice. One of the best stores in Beverly Hills is available online. We can go to to check the high end watch collections.

Friday, 3 December 2010

hi-fi online store ranking

If you are looking for high end hi-fi separates, then the following list of top 5 online stores, which sell such items, is worth looking at. You should expect low item prices and delivery costs, great customer service and broad range of delivery destinations, or at least couple of these features when dealing with these stores.

TOP 5 high end hi-fi online stores:

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Win the Compensation of Medical Malpractice Tacoma in the Court

Who will help you in a court when you are wanted to get some compensation for the medical practices that hospital done? It will be needed a good attorney that will defend you in a court.

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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Update Google Page Rank edisi ke-3 tahun 2010

Wuiiiih dasyat banget update google kali ini (kejadian tanggal 18 Oct 2010), sempet percaya ga percaya, soalnya 2 hari sebelumnya aku beli 5 domain baru dengan PR 3, memang feeling itu sudah terasa, malem sebelumnya ada temen nanya kenapa domainnya ga ke index lagi, aku cuma bilang coba cek ulang deh (karena prediksiku update google tanggal 1-10 Oct).

Pagi-pagi jam 10 aku buka beberapa domain busettt! ada yang naek ada yang langsung turun dari PR 3 ke PR 0, mau gimana lagi akhirnya cek smua domain satu persatu, alhamdulillah ga semuanya turun ada yang stabil bahkan ada yang naik dari PR 0 ke 2 or 3. Pokoknya update google rank kali ini membawa berkah karen lebih banyak yang + dari pada - he2...

Untuk kedepannya prediksi di akhir desember or awal januari 2011, makanya kita harus tambah rajin ngumpulin modal sekarang begadang siang malem sebelum google page rank datang lagi....semangat ya blogger.....